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Company Vision Training of SenCen consortium


Golden October, harvest season, Oct.20th 2016,SenCen consortium host a training with the topic of Company Vision and Loyalty, all the stuff participated in this training,the General Manager of Baiyi Company was the speaker. The speech aroused a deeply sympathetic response .

Company can`t have a strong vitality without a dream ,can`t have clear goals without a vision.Vision is the Soul of the Company,no matter how time passed or whoever changed, the spirits of the vision will last forever. The vividly stories she told which are deeply impressed in the stuff`s minds,now there is a more clearly understanding on how important the Vision is ,which also inspired the stuff to use it during the daily work in details.

    General Manager Ms.Chu also emphasized that stuff loyalty is the key to be successeach employee should have Shaceng Spirits,and overall situation.

Last, the Consortium is always and will continue to develop talents to the society, and will firmly upholding our vision and mission.

Product innovation, Century brand building, to make the employeesbusinesses and customers to grow together.

    To maintain earnings growth and meet social needs, to benefit employeescustomers and nation together.